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My lucky poem

Trying my hand at poems. Might not be all great, but hey, I've got to give everything a chance. Please, I'm begging you, I really want to know if you guys like this or not. This is not a quid pro quo, this is really me writing this poem.
Disclaimer: I just borrowed the points at Lost cast! Don't shoot!

Give me a chance

Luck Lady The stars shone bright that night,
As I was outcasted, as I took flight.
Fireflies wavered overhead,
Littering the skies, lending light to those who lead
The people who were after me.
People say that gambling is the ultimate fee
That once you do it, there's no way to plea.
"Give me a chance! I yelled out in vain,
Having no idea it'd cause so much pain.
"We have, they whisper, tears brimming at their eyes,
"We gave you so much, yet you still lie.
I bit my lip, and looked around,
But on that Island, there was no safe ground.
Now I sit in a dark cave,
Waiting, betting, hoping I'll be saved.
But blank is my mind,
No ideas or tricks, nothing to find.

For days on end,
Nothing came around that stony bend.
The first day I traveled outside again,
Off I went, and there I found him.
For what seemed like an eternity,
His eyes flew over, examining me.
"I'm fine, I stammered, hoping this would suffice.
The casino player just nodded, giving me no advice.
An awkward silence came over the clearing,
No one was there, only me and him hearing
The sounds of the waterfall.
"Give me a chance, I managed to get out,
He just looked up, his eyes are in doubt.
"Please, I pleaded, "I want to be free.
I just want to be me.
Again, he only nodded,
And my stomach felt tilted.

Words fell on deaf ears,
As the lost survivors gave me leers.
Jack fought, but in the end he knew
What fate awaited his only beau.
Again I was thrown out,
The treatment was foul,
And again I returned to my cave.
Waiting, wishing, wagering I'll be saved.
Days on end, the man would visit,
Telling me I wouldn't have to miss it
If only I did what they pleased.
My armor was eased up,
I cracked like the nuts,
And that's when the tears were let go.
Falling down my face like majestic waterfalls.
"Give me a chance, I sobbed out in tears,
"That's all I ask for...
Give me a chance,
I don't want bad luck anymore.

Like it or not? Personally, I thought it was pretty damn cool. :) Talking about luck I recently found a pokerstars marketingcode and this led me to try online poker, just to see how it is as everyone seems to be talking about it, and I did not want to look like I am living under a rock. And I was not disappointed as it is a great game. In fact it is a bit like Lost, it tends to be addictive as well, so pace yourself if you try.
It's really long for a poem, and if you guys like it, next time I might have two, instead of one. Probably like Jack or Sawyer, or Charlie. Maybe even Sun or Claire.

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